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Hi we’re Norm and Phyllis, and we sold everything and we’ve taken a major u-turn in our life, to fulfill our lifelong dream of full time RV living!

Yes, in 2015 we finally made the difficult decision that we’re going to fulfill our lifelong dream of full time RV living…

We made the big decision to unload all of our ‘stuff’, which allowed us to start the next exciting adventure in our life together. Trust us, this wasn’t a decision that we took lightly. Since retiring early in October 2015, we came to realize that if we were to see all of the wondrously amazing places on this continent, we have to be free to see what we want, when we want. It’s that simple. Maybe it was the 30-day park hopping adventure up along the Florida Gulf Coast that triggered our strong lust for further adventure. Or just maybe, the travel adventure bug has always been in our blood…

Married for… a lot of years, we’ve been lucky enough to have raised 5 children, to which we now have 9 wonderful grand children. During this time, camping was always a big part of this adventure. We considered it to be cheap entertainment for the kids, easy on our pocket book (raising this brood wasn’t cheap), and a great time away from reality for us. We also moved our home base around quite frequently, but never being quite satisfied, and always having the gut desire for a new ‘adventure’ somewhere else. We started our lifetime of married bliss in St. Louis, Missouri, and we’ve ended up in Florida for gosh sake.


By all accounts, we successfully acquired the ‘American Dream’! Nice house, plenty of space, retired early, an RV sitting on the side yard, fantastic children, extremely loved grand children, what more can we ask for? Our freedom to roam… Tied to the notion that we’d be giving up the ‘American Dream’ by selling the house, both Phyllis and I came to the conclusion that we needed to stay put in order to hang on to it. But we’re ready to move on to our next adventure, our next ‘American Dream’. Whether it is a simple extended trip to the Silver Dollar City/Branson area, the mountainous areas of the Grand Canyon, a visit to Arlington National Cemetery, or to see the brown bears in Alaska, we’re ready.


We chose a timeframe of 3 years, and we’ve come within one month of that original estimate. Why so long? Well, the number one answer was – we’ve been married for 40+ years. During this time, we accumulated a lot of ‘STUFF’. Phyllis had a lot of ‘stuff’, I had lots of ‘stuff’, and jointly, we had a lot of ‘stuff’.

Our former sticks & bricks world: Well, we disposed of lots of ‘stuff’. Downsizing from a house, and all of the ‘stuff’, took some time. We gave some to our kids, and their kids, who actually wanted some of our ‘stuff’. However, most of our ‘stuff’ ended up in a two disastrous yard sales, and then donated. We’ve sold the house, along with some completed repairs that went along with it. A small storage unit was rented for the small amount of ‘stuff’ we just couldn’t part with.


Our current RV: As much as we love it, we realized that from a storage perspective, it would be way too small for us to be full-timing in. So with that in mind, we did a RV renovation by removing the couch, theater seats, and the dinette replacing these with cabinets. Problem solved. Or at least we hope so. We need to make a plug here for you to check out our 6-part renovation series.


Our current nomadic future: We’ve completed our want-to-visit lists already for our first 5 years out. We’ve camped long enough to know that taking our time will be paramount to fulfilling our dream. We also decided early on that spending the holidays with our kids and grand kids is a must. So we’ll be planning a yearly pilgrimage back to Florida, hanging around here from mid-October through mid-January. And grabbing a grandchild to take on an adventure or 2 during the summer isn’t out of the question either.

And after some short research, we’ve decided that our domicile will be Florida, allowing us to check off a to-do item from the list. Check out Phyllis’ blog post on this exciting and eye opening domicile setup.

We are so excited about the possibilities that we’re simply bursting. Heck we’ve even started talking about boon docking adventures at the BLM or National Forest areas out west. We’ve always discussed our desire to stay at state or federal parks that provide the electricity and water. Now we’re discussing solar panels and off grid camping.

And we can’t forget our faithful Shorkie – Lily! She’ll start with us on this new adventure without her companion Zoe, who passed away early in 2018.


Our beloved Zoe is on the left, and our always moving Lily is on the right.

So join us on our journey as we navigate our way to our new ‘American Dream’.

Norm and Phyllis

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