Life On The APF!

Good Morning!

Hope all of you are doing well today.

We have had an interesting and busy week.

First was Norm’s Pulmonary Doctor visit. We are getting new Doctors closer to our home here in Bell. So this is his new Pulmonary Doctor and he has ordered a couple of tests and some blood work for Norm and that will take a few days to get them done. So this coming Friday we will be gone most of the day but that’s okay.

We took the Equinox in for an oil change and found that Rodents aka Squirrels had chewed on the wiring harness and they had to repair that. Not a cheap visit to the dealership for sure. Squirrels seem to like Chevy products. I had trouble with them when we owned our Silverado but they didn’t seem to bother our Ford vehicles. I am praying they leave our F350 and the Equinox alone from now on.

We went to Lowes to purchase the wood for the Chicken House and of course the wood prices had pretty much doubled. Oh well that’s the story of our life. It doesn’t matter what political party is in office if we want to build something the prices are going to go up! We didn’t take the trailer and we learned real quick we should have. Yes one board went in the wrong way and Norm had to do some creative tying of the tailgate to make sure we didn’t loose our lumber on the way home.

I did do John Deere tractor driving 101 yesterday. This is our bigger tractor and boy is it fun to drive! Hey it has power steering and that is awesome! Then I drove our Little John Deere and you sure could tell the difference. I was hauling pots to the greenhouse to transplant some strawberries into. I did get that done and I am glad about that as I found other things like hauling limbs and starting seeds that I want to do this next week.

I have a new catalog and it has the Hot Pepper seeds I have been looking for so I will be putting in an order later today. I am so Happy and Excited about that. We are talking the Carolina Reaper and the Ghost pepper here!!!!

Well I need to get off here and go eat breakfast and get moving on with my day.

I hope all of you have a Wonderful Week filled with Happiness and Love.

God Bless.


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