It’s A New Year!!!

Happy New Year from the APF!

May 2022 be a Excellent Year for everyone the World over!

Well the last week of 2021 was a busy and semi-stressful one for us. For one Norm had a quick Dr. visit to get his prescriptions refilled and that went very well. We now have a new PA and we really like him.

Then we had decided to go get some insurance quotes for the APF with a local agent and found out that they could not give us a better quote than what we already had. So that settled a discussion we kept having about our insurance premiums being so high when their quote came in higher than what we are already paying. Live and learn!

Then it was off to Ag-Pro to look at new John Deere tractors. We had a very nice and knowledgeable salesman who was very helpful. Yes, we now own our 2nd John Deere tractor. We have a small one and now we’ve added it’s bigger brother to our arsenal of farm equipment. Norm loves it and I do too. I plan this coming week to learn how to drive it as there are a lot of levers that our little John Deere does not have. Wish me luck! I am excited to drive it!

I did order a new cabinet from Walmart for my coffee station so I could use that cabinet for an appliance garage. Well they shipped UPS and as usual they delivered it next door. They texted and said they left it by our front door only it was our neighbors front door where they actually left it. When we got home with the salesman and our new John Deere tractor on his trailer that’s when the neighbor decided to bring me my cabinet box. We just smiled and Norm introduced us. This was the first time we had met him.

We had a pleasant New Year’s Eve and a peaceful New Year’s Day. We stayed home for both. We are trying to rest this week-end as this next week our schedule picks back up again as we have appointments and projects to get done before Spring is upon us.

Our Granddaughter gave us plants for Christmas and they are residing in my Greenhouse. Well yesterday I noticed my Tea Tree has flowers on it. The pineapple has a small pineapple growing and the Rosemary Bush is going wild. I have been getting a few strawberries off the two hanging pots of strawberries I have in there and they sure are a treat. Yum!

Lots if ideas and projects for the next 12 months or 363 days so I need to get off of here and begin to tackle that list. One of these projects is to finish a cross-stitch I started in 1999 and I almost have it done.

Hope all of you have an amazing week and a totally awesome year.

God Bless.


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