Merry Christmas Eve!

Merry Christmas from the APF.

Hope all of you are enjoying this Holiday Season.

We had our Fireside Christmas with our Children and Grandchildren last Saturday. We had a wonderful day filled with good food, wonderful conversations, S’more making at the fire and lots of tractor rides for the little ones. Our oldest Granddaughter was the one giving the tractor rides and we are very grateful for that. She was Awesome! The little guys could hardly wait to get into those presents that were under the tree. They had a good time opening those gifts and later back home playing with them. Our daughters shared pictures of the boys having fun with their gifts. It was fun seeing them enjoy their gifts. We felt very Blessed that our family was together and we did get a family photo too in front of our new barn that Norm built. Our hearts are full!

I am sorry for not posting last week-end. I was so tired on Sunday that I just relaxed and took it easy for the day.

Our youngest granddaughter who is a Junior this year in High School spent a few days with us and that was a fun time too.

So today is an easy day and my chores are done though I do plan to make some yeast bread later this afternoon. Christmas will be a quiet day for us and our son. Yes there are presents under the tree.

Lily is doing well the Vet says. However she wants her to be on meds for another 30 days. She doesn’t have to go back unless something changes with how she is doing here. She is enjoying the vanilla pudding she gets each evening. That is the only way to get her to take her medicine. I don’t think she will be a happy pup when the meds run out and No more Pudding!!!!

Well I am going to close here and go get some coffee and some lunch.

Wishing You and Yours a Very Merry Christmas!

God Bless.


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