Happy December!

Good Morning from the APF!

Hope all of you are having a peaceful relaxing day.

Today is a craft day for me and Norm. We have a few things we are trying to get done before we have Christmas with our children and grandchildren this coming Saturday. It seems my To Do List just keeps getting Longer and Longer. That’s okay I can rest after Saturday. Are you ready for Christmas?

This past week we have been trying to get as many projects done here on the APF as we can before the holidays are upon us.

-The major fencing project is done and the gates are all installed. I can also say those metal posts were fun to drive into the ground and boy was that good exercise!

-The Barn build is done just a few odds and ins yet to do. However the build itself is done and Norm did an awesome job. I really like the stalls and the storage room. My birdseed has a new home. That’s a win for me.

-The Green House is awesome and I have strawberries ready to eat. Hope to pick a few today.

-The garden is fenced and Mr. Tank can’t come in and help himself whenever he’s in the mood for some veggies.

-I finally got my outside table and chairs painted. That’s a load off my mind for sure.

-Norm built a feeder for the goats yesterday and it looks amazing. Goats will not eat their feed off the ground. Guess they are DIVAS!

We are already planning our 2022 calendar. We’ve already booked us a weekend away for next December. Yes we do like to plan ahead.

I am planning to get a few more crafts done today. One I got from my Mom’s and I want to finish it and hang it on the wall.

I am excited about our kids coming to our Fireside Christmas. I ordered the food from Publix and we will pick it up on Friday. Lily gets groomed the same day too. She will not be happy about that but we plan on a Family photo and she has to look amazing in it. I will be calling the Vet on Monday as she has finished her meds and they want to do some blood work on her to see if the infection is completely gone. Another reason for her to bark at me!

We were blessed today with a couple of deer visiting our front yard along with the birds and squirrels.

Time gets away from me and I need to get a move on. I also need more COFFEE!!!!

Take Care and God Bless.


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