Glad To Be Back!

Good Morning from the APF.

We are glad we took the week-end off and visited St. Augustine however we are glad to be home. It was an interesting, fun and exhausting week-end. Note to self make sure you know all the Holiday things that are going on in St. Augustine if you visit the first week-end in December! We didn’t do enough research and boy did we have a time Saturday getting to downtown and finding a place to park because of the roads being blocked for their Christmas Parade. We found a spot by the Marina. Then we walked some more. We enjoyed St. George Street but we were disappointed in how little Christmas things were available. The shopping was just like it was the last time we were there and that was several years ago. Only one shop really sold the Christmas stuff. Lunch was delicious and so were the drinks. I picked up a few things, extra Christmas gifts, and lost my phone while doing this. Thank heavens the people were honest and had my phone for me at the counter. Grateful for that!

Before we headed home yesterday we bought McDonald’s for breakfast and headed to the beach. We spent a couple of hours there and it was GREAT!

Oh! The Trolley was awesome! We rode it to view all the many Christmas lights. It was one of the highlights of our trip.

Today Norm is back working in the new barn. He is walling in the storage room. I will be glad to get my Birdseed out of the house and into the barn.

My strawberries are getting red so hopefully we will be able to have a few soon. They are in my Green House. Oh while I was gone something Ate the Bud off my Peony!

Today I start decorating the inside of the house and doing laundry. So I do need to get with it and get it done.

Hope all of you have an amazing week.

God Bless.

Merry Christmas.


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