Just Another Week of OH MY Goodness on the APF!

Good Day!

Hope all of you had a wonderful Thanksgiving.

The week of Thanksgiving started well and then proceeded to become very challenging for all of us.

Norm trying to save his coffee mug and prevent the coffee from going all over the wall knocked his phone off the dining room table and it hit the metal back of his chair and that was it for his phone. Broken with no hope of saving it. Yes it had a good cover on it but the phone hit right above the cover line and cracked the screen and it was bye-bye phone. You have to understand Norm’s whole life is on that phone. It had all the information he needed to access on a daily bases to do everything here on the APF and to keep track of his calendar and future events. So he was totally lost with out it. It was also how we kept in contact with each other here on the farm. So yesterday we visited the AT&T store and bought new phones. However it took almost all day to get Norm’s data sent over to his new phone. Their tech support really helped him achieve this. Today he is trying to salvage his videos he’s made by loading them to his lap top. I sincerely hope he’s successful. I now have a new phone to get use to and I am no tech person and it is frustrating to me. My old phone, I am going to talk to AT&T about unlocking it so our son can use it. Happy Ending? Maybe.

I was watering my birds the other day and I noticed that my Fairy statue that I painted back in the early 2000’s was lying on it’s back. When I walked over there I became very upset as something had broken her wings and nibbled on her hair. She’s a ceramic piece that I had just put her wings back on and now they are broken. I can repair them but now I have to repaint the Fairy too. I wanted to cry. She’s one of the few pieces that I kept when we went on the road in 2018. I may have to display her somewhere else here on the APF.

We decorated for Christmas (outside that is) here on the APF on Black Friday. We were so sure that we would be done by noon. Boy were we mistaken it took us all day and we still have a few more things to get like Poinsettias in pots and some more lights for a couple of our Christmas trees. I think we really need a larger tree in the Little Barn. Norm thinks it will need the clear lights on it and I agree. A work in progress! The house decorating will be this week along with finishing the fence project and getting ready for our week-end away to St. Augustine.

So next Sunday I will not be posting until Monday as we will be coming home on that day.

Guess I need to get off of here as my seed order isn’t going to write or order itself.

Hope all of you have an amazing week.

God Bless.


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