So Much To Do – So Little Time!

Good Morning from the APF!

Hope all of you are doing well this morning.

Have you ever felt you have all the time in the world and then realize a few minutes later that you only have a few days till Thanksgiving and then realize that not all your Christmas decorations are made and you decorate on Black Friday. That’s just what I did. I had forgotten I didn’t have anything to decorate the front porch with the other day. Thank heavens we were on our way to Home Depot and there is a Dollar Tree next door. So I picked up some garland and with what I have here at home I am set. Now if we can just get all the houses painted that I really want in my village and the many other craft projects that I and Norm have going on we will soon be ready for the Holidays. Maybe!

Well at least the Grand Boys Christmas gifts are here and all I have to do is bag or wrap them! That’s a win right there. Sighing in relief over that. That is one of the hardest Christmas shops we have is trying to get gifts for our youngest grand boys. I think our grand girls were easier but I could be wrong about that too. Our youngest grand daughter is a Junior this year so maybe it’s just wishful thinking on my part that they were easy to buy for. Money gifts are so much easier and they love the cold hard cash. The smiles are worth the search for the perfect money holder.:)

We have been Fencing this week and that is a hard JOB!!!!! I now appreciate all the fencing company’s workers out there. That is a labor intensive job for sure. Some of it is fun and the feeling of accomplishment is an amazing feeling. We still have more to do but the Paddock’s fence is at least two thirds of the way done and looking good.

Today we took the day off and are going through our seed lists for the new garden so I can get that ordered. Norm is ordering our drip irrigation system too. I am also moving some things out to the Kodiak so I have a little more room in here. We are moving Her to her new permanent location on Tuesday.

Tomorrow we are headed to Tractor Supply for Fencing supplies and a few other things and also Hobby Lobby. Christmas Fun for me.

Today is take the turkey from the freezer and put it in the fridge to thaw. The only problem with that is trying to find a place for it in my fridge. Wish me luck.

I have rambled on and on and now I need more coffee.

I hope all of you have a wonderful Thanksgiving and a Peaceful week.

God Bless.


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