Retirement of Our Kodiak!

Good Morning from the APF.

Hope all of you are doing well. For the Deer Hunters I wish you good luck in filling your deer tags.

Yes, we are permanently Retiring our Kodiak and as I have written before the Kodiak is being used as our guest quarters. Well now we have decided this morning that we can use her as our craft room as well. We are planning to move her to the other side of the little barn so she is closer to the electric and water. She will still serve as our guest quarters when our friends or family come to visit but we can utilize her 300 + square footage for our crafts and move them out of the office in our home. It’s a win/win for all of us. This will also give us 3 RV sites and one tent site out where she is now parked.

This was not an easy decision for us to retire her but one we felt was beneficial for us. We have decided we would be camping in yurts or cabins and also using B&B’s or hotels when we travel. Though we are thinking of purchasing a tent and cots just in case we need to evacuate with the animals do to Hurricanes. So a lot of thought, planning and preparation is required do to the fact we live in Florida. We love it here on the APF but we still have to remember there may come a time we have to leave do to the weather. So it’s better to be prepared. Our truck will be pulling the trailer with the animals and feed and our Equinox will be carrying our gear. Still working on planning all of that too.

Up Dates:

Lily is back on meds for an infection that maybe effecting her liver and gallbladder. They think she will be fine when she’s taken all her meds. Otherwise the Vet says she’s doing great. Yesterday was her 13th birthday. The Vet has a hard time believing she is that old. She’s so feisty!!!

The fence posts are in and I only smashed my thumb once on the post hole digger. It’s a little sore today but I am okay. The steel post driver was a lot of fun to use. Exercise at it’s finest. We start putting on the fencing wire Wednesday.

We get our Covid booster shot on Monday and we are going Christmas shopping then too. I also have to make an appointment for my yearly mammogram. There goes another one of my fencing days spent at an Imagining place. That’s okay though as I can’t expect others to get a mammogram if I don’t get one myself.

We have made reservations for St. Augustine for the 1st week-end in December as a mini vacation. We are really looking forward to this.

Thanksgiving we are spending at home this year. The day after we start the Christmas decorating here on the APF. We are very excited!

Well I need more coffee so I am heading to the coffee pot.

I hope all of you have a Peaceful week.

God Bless.


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