Good Morning!

Today we cut down a tree that was to close to the new fence. This tree was dying and the woodpeckers and spiders were enjoying it way to much. Our biggest concern was that it could fall on our new fence. Then Norm planned to leave the stump but it was so close to the fence that the goats could use it as a launch pad to get free and roam all over the property. So he had to cut that down close to the ground. After stacking the wood to be hauled to the wood lot later and stacking the brush to be burned we were done.

Then it was onto the watering and feeding of the birds and squirrels. Now I have seen how Determined this one Squirrel is as he/she has chew the wood piece out from underneath the baffle. Now he/she is slowly chewing the baffle apart so it will come off and they can climb the pole and eat at the feeder again. As much as this Squirrel has Impressed us with it’s Determination we are already trying to figure out how to put a stop to his/her birdfeeder antics! Any suggestions?

I am sorry that last Sunday I didn’t post. I ran out of time as we had to leave early to make it to our Daughter’s homes for a Halloween visit.

The lone tomato plant and the 2 strawberry plants are doing awesome. We have covered then a few times already. I may have to put the strawberry plants in the ground. The ones on the runners that is. We will see how they do this week. Our tomato has little tomatoes on it and the strawberries are putting on berries too. It’s exciting!

Our weather is a lot cooler now and we are grateful that’s for sure. Knats have left on vacation for a few days. We live in North Florida and so we do have the change of seasons.

Lily goes to the Vet on the 10th for an ultrasound. The vet said that some of her test results were a little high and they just want to check to make sure she is okay. She will be 13 on the 13th of this month.

Well I have some crafting to do. So my coffee and I are getting ready to build some more plaster houses to add to my Christmas village.

Hope all of you have an amazing week filled with Hope, Joy and Love.

God Bless.


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