A Beautiful Autumnal Morning!

Good Morning!

I hope all of you are having a Peaceful day.

Today we are taking it easy as Norm has worked on our garden site all week. I have a few out door chores to do and a New Bird Bath to install but after that it’s going to be an easy day filled with some fun things. Things like reading and crafts maybe. We will see.

This week we have been busy as usual trying to get all the odd jobs done so that the 2nd week of November we can begin to put up the fence in the Paddock and around the garden. We have to keep the goats in and both the goats and Tank the Tortoise out of the garden and the yard and so on. I am looking forward to this actually. I keep thinking it’s exercise and I sure need that.

I did take a shot at using the tiller this week. It’s hard work but for me it was fun too. I have a few areas here on the APF that I want to till up for plantings of berries, herbs and flowers. So now I know I can do it myself and that is a great feeling! It means I don’t have to ask Norm to do it for me. He has a lot of projects going on and I don’t like to ask him to do these things because he is already trying to get my other requests built or done. So this way I can do it myself. It’s a win for both of us.

This week we are getting shots. The annual Flu and Pneumonia and then we will make an appointment for our Covid Booster shot. We do everything we can to stay healthy, happy and safe. Hope all of you are taking care of yourselves.

Okay! Here goes Soap Box Time: I sincerely hope that all of you have considered taking the time to discuss with a younger loved one about where your Important Documents are kept. Also what kinds of Important Papers you have and any wishes you may have over your long term care or even your funeral arrangements. I know everyone wants to ignore these things and think about them at a later date but some how that later date never seems to come and before we know it our family is left trying to figure out what to do without the information they need. I have been there and recently heard about others going through the same thing. We are taking care of that now and though it is an on-going thing with us as we make decisions we hope by next year to have everything in place. So please think about this. The last thing we want is to make things more difficult and challenging for our family during times of illness or death of a loved one. As you can see I am passionate about this. I know the struggles my brother and I went through. Thank-you for listening.

I have inventoried my seeds that I didn’t use this year and we are looking at catalogs and planning 2022’s gardening season. I am also planning when to start my seeds in my green house so they are ready to go out in April. We also started our Christmas Shopping for our youngest grand boys. That was fun.

Well I need to go eat breakfast or Norm will be hunting me down to make sure I did eat and I need a MUG of COFFEE!!!!!

Hope you have a great week.

God Bless.


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  1. You’re living my dream life. After several attempts to muster enthusiasm for camping, my husband returned home, and clung to the stair railing, saying, “I’m never doing that again.” We retired to Florida in 2008 , done some traveling, but mostly dealt with health issues . . . just saying, I’m not complaining, just explaining my envy. Claudia

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    • Claudia,
      I can understand we waited over 40 years to have this dream come true for us. We feel blessed every day. I hope you and your husbands health issues have improved. I can understand not everyone enjoys camping. Our one daughter and our granddaughters believe that camping should be in a hotel with a pool and room service. God Bless. P.

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