A Work In Progress!

Welcome and Good Morning!

Hope everyone is doing well.

Yesterday we had a scare as our Kodiak had slipped off her pads. Her Scissor Jacks were bent and the front had moved too. She had slipped a good 3 feet from where she had been. We had dealt with something like this twice before. Once when she was on concrete and once when she was on chat rock. We found that some of the pads you use well the scissor or tongue jacks just slip right off them. We changed to a different kind and we had good success with them until yesterday. It looks like they settled into the ground and that’s when everything went squirrelly. It took us a hour and and a half to get her squared away. She’s okay and now she’s on concrete block and we put the tire locking chucks between her tires so hopefully she doesn’t do this again. I filmed what we did to deal with this. We are planning to use our Kodiak as a guest quarters. We sure don’t want this happening again. That would not be a fun time for anyone. We were living in the Kodiak the other two times it happened and it can be a little Nerve Wracking when this happens!

The Barn is nearing completion and Norm is doing an Outstanding job on it. I am very proud of him. He has built this all by himself and it looks amazing. We are so pleased seeing our vision come to life. The shell was installed in January and he started in February 2021 and she’s almost complete.

Our new garden is taking shape as we get her started with tilling and such to prepare her for Spring planting. We received one of our seed catalogs yesterday and I started going through it and marking things I would like to grow.

Today I need to set out my Peonies I received the other day. I had hoped to do it yesterday but with the Kodiak’s issues I didn’t get it done.

My Doctor visit last week went well. I am very pleased with Palm Medical. Friday Lily went to the groomers and they wore her out. She will be 13 years old on November 13th. So I guess her age is catching up to her. I have her November and December Spa visits made just to be sure she gets groomed before each Holiday. Tomorrow is the Eye Doctor and getting Norm a new Pulmonary Doctor closer to home. Tuesday we are taking the Equinox LT to the shop to have her brakes checked. It’s always something.

Well I need to get off here and go have breakfast.

Hope all of you have a wonderful and peaceful day.

God Bless.


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