A Rambling Post!

Welcome to the APF!

Good morning. Hope everyone is having a peaceful and relaxing morning so far. We try for Sundays to be a day of rest for us, however there are times that things have to be done and there is no way to put them off for another day. No matter how Prepared you are there will always be things that are out of your control. Weather, people, animals and events are just a few of these. We all do our best but these can be stressful moments in our lives that can go on for minutes, hours, days, weeks, months and even years. All we can do is prepare for the worst (as they say) (Just who is this They everyone refers to?) and hope and pray for the best and carry on.

I have always tried to Be Prepared for things like having a folder for each member of our family including our pets. On the outside of the folder had their birthdate, social security number and even their birth certificate number. Inside the folder I had all their documents and other important information. That sure made Doctor and School visits easier. I still do this today only now it is just Norm, Lily and Myself. We keep all our information in a roller bag that we can grab and take with us if we should have to leave in a hurry. We also have folders in each vehicle with all the things we need to know about them. The Kodiak’s folder is in the truck that pulls her.

At home I try to also keep some extra canned goods and other things in the pantry and freezers. That brings me to the recent decisions we have made about being Prepared for Emergencies. I have started a Journal to list what we believe we will need if we have to evacuate do to a Hurricane. Things have changed for us as we will have to travel with our animals such as goats and chickens etc. That changes how you look at things and what you would usually do now has to include a tent as we will not be towing our Kodiak but the Utility Trailer with our animals in their cage on it. We will also be using both of our vehicles. Then where will we go that is the Major Question. I will be answering these questions in future blogs as we work out the details. So for now we are just in the planning mode.

There are somethings I have done to prepare for our November fencing project. I have done some baking and making of cookie dough and some food prep that I have been able to freeze. That will help when we need something quick for breakfast or dinner. I expect I will be to tired to cook a lot most of those day.

We have worn out our chainsaw and have to replace that this week. We are hoping to purchase a woodchipper too. The Tiller Norm bought works great and he has done the first cultivating of the new garden site. We are trying to get it ready for Spring. Still more work to do down there.

The cucumbers are gone, blight. we didn’t catch it soon enough to save them. The tomato is blooming though. We will see how it does. The other plants that have come up maybe peppers. We will see.

We have become an LLC and with that comes a lot of Junk Mail for me to go through. Oh well been there and done that before.

I need to get a move on as we are planning a walk around the garden site this morning.

Hope all of you have an amazing week.

God Bless.


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