Life Is An Adventure!


Our Adventure has changed in the last month again. We talked a lot about the LHR and finally agreed that we are Not a Ranch but we Are a Farm.

This happened as we made our garden area in what was our main pasture. First it was a nice sized garden 30’x62′ then it grew to 60’x62′ and then it grew again to be 90’x150′ or 13,500 square feet(give or take). So after it grew that large we decided we needed a new name. So Absent Pine Farm was born. There are probably only 3 Long Leaf Pine left here on the Farm. We don’t know why they got rid of them but they did. We talked about how Goats are foragers not grazers. We have plans to bring in goats in the Spring of 2022. So we have already bought their hay. Therefore we don’t need the full pasture only part of it. So we will be fencing the paddock and around the garden area this year and fence the rest of the pasture in 2022. A Chicken House with run is in the works too. We are planning in the future to go to Farmer’s Markets and sell some of our produce and maybe some eggs too. We will see.

Yesterday Norm was working on cultivating the new garden and the grass is so thick he wasn’t having much luck. So today we drove to Gainesville to purchase a Tiller. Tractor Supply should have had two there. However we discovered this wasn’t the case as someone had helped themselves to them without paying and no one knew about it. I did find a water canner that I purchased so that made me smile. When we got home Norm ordered us a tiller off of Amazon.

Also on this trip we discovered our F350’s AC isn’t cooling again. She goes in for an oil change on Tuesday and he’s going to talk to them about the AC.

I have to call today about the Jury Duty thing. I have the papers filled out and ready for tomorrow. We drove by the Court House so I could find where the parking lot is. Shouldn’t be to hard to find.

My bulbs arrived looking just fine but my poor Butterfly Bush looked cooked as they had wrapped it in cellophane. We took pictures and I set it out yesterday. I only hope it will live.

I’ve been decorating the inside and outside of our home. I am almost done but discovered I am missing 5 small ghosts we painted when the kids were little and the Halloween Train. Now if I could just remember what container I put them in. I think I put them in a container with our son’s stuff that is stored in our shed and believe me that is a lot of containers. Finding the Ghosts and the Train well that’s a chore for another day.

Oh, our Medical Records finally arrived and so did my test results. That’s a Blessing.

Well I need to get off here and call the Jury Line. Maybe I will get lucky and not have to go. Not Banking on that though.

Hope all of you have an Amazing week filled with Hope and Joy.

God Bless.


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