Home For The Holidays

Yes, It’s that time of the year again! Smiling 🙂

We are looking forward to the Holidays. Today Norm put out our Nativity that he designed so we can see how it will look in the pasture. We are using solar lightening for it. I put out my yard flags and decorated the Kodiak as I would if we were camping. We plan to use her as our guest house. Looks good if I say so myself. I am still decorating the house too.

October 4th I have been called for Jury Duty. We will see. I am so not looking forward to this. So wish me luck.

I called our Doctor’s office and they still don’t have our records. So I made a couple of phone calls. One was very helpful, the other one was leave a message. No one has returned my call. So I will be checking again this week.

Well the shed never showed and Home Depot refunded our money. Of course the shed we want is out of stock. So Norm is going to build us some kind of area to store our gas cans in. He is also designing my Chicken House and chicken run now. He has finished the build of the outside structure of our Barn. Now he is getting ready to finish the inside of the barn. He’s designed the stalls and our storage room and is planning to start them this week. Of course thanks to the weather we have quite a few big limbs and a small tree that needs to be cut up and hauled to the wood lot.

We discovered that the stock tank that we are using as our Hot Tub has a small hole in it and it’s leaking! So we have to fix that. This was not in the plans for the week that’s for sure.

Today we walked the garden site and added another another 30 feet to it. So my garden is now 60 feet wide by 62 feet long. I am very excited to start gardening this next Spring. Oh, the cucumbers that came up in my one square are beginning to bloom. Will I have cucumbers? We will see. There are also 2 tomato plants in there.

Well I need to get off here. Hope all of you have a splendid week.

God Bless.


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