One Step Forward – Two Steps Back

Welcome to the LHR!

Good morning!

Today we are suppose to have rain but you know how accurate the weather forecasting is. So today is a down day. The last few Sundays we have had things that had to get done. Not how we like to spend Sunday but that’s the way it has to be sometimes.

Okay yesterday while working outside I discovered that I am not a good gardener and I need to read a lot more and learn a lot more. I now have 1 strawberry plant living. I’ve lost 99 strawberry plants. Some were the plants weren’t good when I got them. then there was no rain and the insects moved in and ate their way through a lot of my plants. The last was Me. I put down a straw to control weeds and it matted and I believe that they couldn’t get enough water. I am very frustrated with myself but I have learned a costly lesson and I will research everything thoroughly before I set it out or plant a seed again. Yep I had a lot of seeds that didn’t come up too. The cucumber ones have germinated since we moved their square to the new garden. Well now I know that my garden is in the right place. Live and Learn!

Up dates: I called our Dr.’s office and they still don’t have our medical records or test results. The young woman I spoke to said it took her 4 tries to get a fax to go through to the Dr.’s office we just left. So I will check again this Wednesday and if they don’t have them I will be calling again to see why these people aren’t doing their jobs. The way I look at it is if you can call and send me e-mails for information or bill me you can send my test results and records to my new Doctor. Our new Doctor’s office has been trying to get our records since June 29th of this year and I started last month trying to get them sent. What a pain this has been. You can’t blame everything on Covid somethings you have to blame on the people working in the offices. I don’t appreciate Lip Service! It never gets done even when they say it will.

Norm ordered us a shed from Home Depot and Fed Ex is still playing with the delivery of this shed. It gets on the truck then off the truck but never gets delivered. He’s spoken to Home Depot and they are dealing with Fed Ex for us. We can’t cancel this because it is in transit.

On a positive side: Norm has one of the porches done and we are now parking the tractors under it. He also put in our Hot Tub yesterday and now we have realized we need some seats in it. We agree we want to be comfortable while we are in it. We did get to enjoy it for a little while then the rain came. Just enough to chase us inside but not enough to do anything else. I got the extra mulch moved, the birdbaths cleaned and filled and the Gazebo cleaned. We did go and get our 30 (100 pound each) bales of hay this past Tuesday and then when we tried to unload them we discovered we needed a dolly to help with that. So we made a quick trip to Ace Hardware to get one and then back home to unload. It took awhile and it was a sweaty and hard job but it’s done and we have 6 months of hay for our Future Goats to munch.

I decided to clean the Garden Fairy (that Norm poured for me and I painted so many years ago) and her wings came off. The glue that was holding them just gave out. They didn’t break and I am grateful for that. I can glue them back on and return her to the garden. That’s a blessing as we both love this Garden Fairy.

This coming week we will be headed out to get more lumber for the other porch and I will be sanding my table and chairs so I can paint them.

Well I need to stop my gabbing and head to the kitchen for a fresh mug of coffee. Hope all of you have an amazing week filled with Hope.

God Bless.


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