Computer Glitches=Frustration!

Hello and Welcome to the LHR!

I am not a happy camper with my last 3 orders I placed for groceries with Walmart. On two of them they had misplaced our order or they couldn’t find half our order and we waited over an hour to get them. They have changed their app for ordering on line and I have had a lot of glitches that the computer doesn’t accept parts of my order and then they try to ship me parts of my order. It makes me want to pull my hair and scream, when I think about the couple of hours or more I spent ordering these groceries. This last time I kept being told to try again later over and over again. It’s frustrating when you know that if you come back later your time slot won’t be available for pick up. Then when we got to the store you couldn’t check in because their internet was down. We will be going to the store and doing our own shopping from now on. We will put on our mask (Yes we did get our Covid shots) and just do it. It will take less time than doing the on line ordering would take. This last time the glitch left off of my order 13 items. So the frustration is real as now I have to go buy these items in a store somewhere. Oh, I did try and check my order but the glitches were frustrating us so much that it was hard to do and even harder to check out!

Yesterday 9-11-2021 (May We Never Forget) we went to Georgia and picked up our goat hauling cage. It fits on our utility trailer and is a lot less expensive to purchase than a livestock trailer. Yeah Us!!! We had a wonderful day. We saw places we didn’t even know existed here in Florida and in Georgia. We also stopped at Magnolia Plantation for a GOODY RUN! Lots of pecans came home with us as well as special syrups, hot sauce and salad dressings. It was a beautiful day and the company (Norm) was awesome. I did do some filming on my camera and that makes me smile.

Today is a just do what ever type of day here on the LHR. We try to take Sundays off but sometimes that is hard to do. We were blessed to see two deer walk through the pasture. Also squirrels were playing in the front yard. The other day I saw my first humming bird. Blessings for sure. I will be putting my regular feeders up and they say to do humming bird ones from March through September here in North Florida. I also want to make a humming bird bird bath. We will see.

I have the front of the house landscaped as far as the mulch and flowers are in. The edging is tall and so seeing them is difficult. I have to leave so many areas free of plants because the septic system pipes run through there as well as the satellite wires coming into the house. So plants in pots and statuary are what I am looking for now.

Another Fall project is the re-painting of my table and chairs that I have on the back porch. I haven’t had them that long but whom ever painted them well the paint is coming off. I am trying to decide on a color. Any suggestions?

I am thinking of Christmas and I am looking for a theme to do. I did a Big Foot Country Christmas last year but for some reason I am having trouble with what I want this year. I know that I may have to make some decorations so I need to get started now. So any suggestions for a theme would be awesome.

Well I need to get off of here. Hope everyone has a peaceful day.

God Bless.


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  1. Looks like yoj have been busy tnese ladt few days. I do like the red paint on the table and chairs maybe a shade of blue to go with the house. Enjoy the rest of the day đź’ž

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    • Marge I did get the paint for the table and chairs. I decided on this dark green color though I can’t remember the name of it. I still have to sand a little on the table and chairs. Plan to start them in a couple of weeks.


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