Soap Box Time!

Welcome to the LHR!

Yes today I am on My Soap Box!

Our Doctor quit back in April and we had to use the Doctor’s office that took over for her. We weren’t happy about that but do to the 6 hour round trip we had already decided to find another Doctor closer to home. That being said this began our frustrating journey of finding a new Doctor and getting our records transferred and getting our test results too. So far we have the Doctor’s office and it’s 5 minutes from our home but the rest of it has been a Pain in the Derriere! I found out on the 17th of this month our Doctor still didn’t have our records and so began my Trip down the Rabbit Hole of seek and find of our medical records! After calling Advent Health twice I was able to get a call back from the other Doctor’s office. They informed me they never received any request for our records and no they never received the test results of the tests they ran on me in June. I then called where I had the tests done and they no longer had them as they were sent to a holding company. So I called them got the information and fax number for them so I could give it to my Doctor’s office. I had also made sure to get the fax number of the other Doctor’s office so I could pass this on to my Doctor. Now began the Journey of getting my Doctor’s office to call me back. HA! HA! That was last week and I left messages on two different voice mails in hopes one of them would return my call. Still haven’t heard from them. I have carried my information around with me as we ran errands and such just in case they would call. I didn’t leave any phone number but mine when I left my messages because there is other information that has to be included in the fax and I wanted to be sure they had everything straight. So we begin this week with me trying to get ahold of them again. People say get a New Doctor but they don’t realize how hard it was just to get this one. We live in a county where there are more Cows than People! Okay end of My Rant.

I did get the Landscaping started but will not get back to it till Tuesday and Wednesday of this week. Norm has got the back door and window on the Barn. We are planning today to hang the Autumn Wreaths on the two barns. Norm just took out the one for the Little Barn so he can hang it.

Lily did figure out that the gate was open and she went trucking right on out of it. Norm caught her at the mailbox. The little Brat has done it twice now. So we watch her like a hawk when she’s outside.

We now have all the fencing and gates. We are just waiting for the weather to cool down some to get started on fencing. One step closer to having animals here on the LHR.

We moved my gardening squares to the new garden area and increased my garden by another 12 feet. So my new garden id 62 feet long by 30 feet wide. I believe it maybe as large as one of my Mother’s gardens. Oh Boy!

We have the block to put down in front of our future hot tub.

We are excited to get that project moving along.

Norm redid the gate opener and has plans to work on my green house and the porches on each side of the barn this week as we have the material to do them now too.

Well I need to get out there and help hang my wreaths so I better get off of here.

Hope everyone has an amazing day and a wonderful week.

God Bless.


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