A Rambling Post!

Welcome to the LHR where we are always Learning.

It seems that here on the LHR we are always planning or researching our next project or planning how to finish the project we are involved in. Sometimes in the middle of a project you have to stop regroup and then continue on. Of course a lot of time what you thought was going to work doesn’t and we have to go to plan B or C and sometimes they don’t work either and you have to regroup and try again. We try to learn from our mistakes. Before bringing in animals we are doing a lot of research. Then we will decide just what animals to start with and when to bring them in. We are expecting to be ready to do that in the Spring of 2022. This will be the next part of our LHR Journey.

Our Stock Tank/ Hot Tub/Soaking Pool I have already moved it’s location twice before deciding on it’s final location. Norm is probably glad it was just stick markers I was moving and not the Stock Tank itself. I had also designed a deck for it but after putting down some blocks in front of it we discovered we liked the way they looked better. So this coming Friday when we are at the Home Depot we will pick up the rest of the blocks along with the roofing we need for the porch roofs. We decided the Barn needed porches on both sides. More work but they are needed.

Tomorrow I am starting the landscaping around our home. It looks so plain right now. So I am putting in a flower and herb garden. It may take awhile to get all my plants in and I hope it looks like what I can see in my head. I am using the left over cuts of wood from the Barn to form the edging and some of the mulch that we need to get out of the barn so that will help control the weeds. So we will see how all this turns out. I am hopeful.

Wednesday we are moving my squares from my 2nd garden to my new larger sun filled 3rd garden. This is my permanent garden spot. It is quite large and Norm says we may have to enlarge it a little more so he can turn the tractor around in it. I plan to use several different gardening methods and so in the Spring Norm will be cultivating my land for me. I want to try my hand at straw bale gardening along with the regular rows and mounds that you see in a traditional garden. Of course my squares will be there too.

We have rain today and I thought we only had a slight chance of that. Well I will not have to water anything today. Sweet!

Here on the LHR we are getting excited for Fall. I have the wreaths to decorate for the 2 barns and the 2 gates. I am excited to get going on that. I still have to make out my plant and seed orders for the Fall and Spring. Guess I need to get to that soon.

Well I am going to get off here as I have cookies and muffins to bake.

God Bless.


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