Have You Ever? My Rant For The Day!

Good Morning from the LHR!

Have you ever read something someone has posted and it made you want to stop receiving any of their posts? I have and that is when I remember this saying that is on a card that Mary Engelbrett produced and it goes like this: If You Don’t Like Something, Change It. If You Can’t Change It, Change The Way You Think About It! I firmly believe this. There will always be things and instances in our lives that we have little or no say about the way they are handled. The thing we must remember is this is not a permanent situation and that this to shall pass.

Do I like wearing a mask? The answer is No. Do I wear them? The answer is yes. Yesterday I was very happy to accept a mask from a Walmart Greeter as the store was jammed packed and I had left my mask in the Equinox. I learned the other day that People believe that Social Distancing is standing a Foot behind me Wearing No Mask and Talking to me. I enjoy talking to people but not that up close and personal. Have you ever wanted to ask someone, Did you have your shots? Have you been around someone who has Covid ? Did you clean your hands? and Where is your Freaking Mask?

Have you ever wanted to reach through the phone and grab the person on the other end and just shake them while yelling do you realize that Covid is still running Rampid and you want to send a Nurse to my home for a well visit. Where is your brain? Did you check it at the door when you clocked in for work? I don’t care one whit that you say it’s Free. Nothing is free and Medicare will be charged for this. The fact of the matter is that with this New Strain of Covid our Doctor’s office is only doing sick visits and all others are over the phone or on line. What does that tell you? I am for sure not letting someone in my house on your say so. End of this rant!

On a positive note Norm sealed the area around the antenna and the vent in the bathroom and the crack in the roof that was over our bathroom’s closet in our Kodiak. No more issues with that. Now he has to find time in his schedule to tear out the closet and repair the roof from inside the Kodiak. That’s a project for later this year. We were also able to get the mulch moved to the barn and some other outside jobs completed.

Our “BAT” has to go in the shop tomorrow. Our F350 has a recall and a lot of the icons are coming on telling us to get this checked and that checked. We always know she’s never went to the shop that hasn’t had some major Dollar Signs attached to her bill. Hey we keep hoping though! Right?

We had a good time shopping and I now have 5 wreaths to make. Four of them are Fall themed and a Christmas one for the big barn. This will be fun. I just hope I can get the ideas that I see in my head to work out on each of my wreaths.

Have you ever looked at a menu and thought I really should get this and this but ordered something else thinking it should be really good. I did that and was that a mistake that I will never order again. You would think I would learn my lesson. But Oh No I need to learn this lesson over and over again it would seem. Well maybe I will learn it by the time the Good Lord calls me Home.

Have you ever seen something and just thought Oh Yeah that fits perfectly but weren’t sure about buying it. Well yesterday I did just that and later I am going to hang these 2 plaques in Norm’s workshop. HEE! HEE!

Well I need to close here or this will be 2 miles long instead of 1 mile.

Hope all of you have an amazing day.

God Bless.


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