Hind Sight Is Always 20/20

Good Morning!

If we knew then.

What we know now.

We would have done a few things differently when we downsized to go on the Road!

Life likes to hand you a lot of challenges.

One challenge we are facing is that we are having to purchase things we donated because we didn’t think we would need them in our future endeavors. We thought we would be on the road for at least 6 years before we bought any property. So we donated a lot of things we would have kept if we had known we were coming off the road sooner. I would have kept my water bath canner and a lot of my cookbooks and craft books. Also some of my patterns and other crafting/sewing supplies. Norm has somethings he would have kept too. However we didn’t know and whomever received our things I am sure they are being used a lot and that makes me smile.

It is fun to go shopping for new stuff but I don’t always like the price on them! I am starting to fill my library with books on goats, chickens, Homesteading and of course preserving food items. I already had some gardening books that were my Moms but I am adding some new books to that group too. So we are on looking and shopping for books and crafting supplies and don’t forget the new decorations for holidays and seasons too.

Life can be fun and very interesting at times. It makes it fun to get up in the morning just to see what the day will bring. Will it be shopping, gardening, digging a post hole or a trench or just the daily and weekly chores. It’s never a dull moment here on the LHR.

Hope you are having an amazing day filled with Hope, Love and Peace.

God Bless.


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