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Hello and Welcome!

Lily firmly believes this as she often gets to sample what Norm is enjoying as an evening treat. She loves the Italian Ices. It doesn’t matter what the flavor is she’s ready to try it. Can everyone say Spoilt Pup?

We have been busy here on the LHR trying to get a lot of our projects finished like the barn, painting the sheds, putting straw and poles around the pineberries and strawberries, the grapes and other berry bushes. So we have had a very busy summer so far. We did take some time off to go and shop for a 2nd vehicle to take some of the daily driving off our (black) F350. We bought a 2010 (black) Equinox LT. I guess you noticed a trend in the colors of our vehicles:)! We had hoped to pick it up today but there has been a change of plans. That’s okay as we have plans to go to Newberry today with the F350 and our utility trailer to start the purchasing and hauling of our fencing to the LHR. Tractor Supply here we come!

We bought a Green House and I decided to put it next to the Big Foot Workshop. So that is another on-going project.

I did get the Kodiak recleaned and am slowly working through my other projects. My garden is winding down and in a few weeks we will be moving the squares to the new garden area.

I am excited because Thursday we are going to a landscaping place. I am going to be looking at plants, trees, shrubs and bushes. I have plans for this fall to landscape around the house. Fun Time ahead!

Hope all of you are having a pleasant and peaceful Summer.

God Bless.


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