Oh how we need rain!

We were blessed with a good shower the other day and we keep hoping and praying for more. The roads here get so dusty that the trees and weeds beside them look like they are covered in snow. Our poor truck every time Norm gives her a bath well she’s dirty before she gets out of the drive way. Oh well that’s the way it is. I just keep watering the garden, strawberries and the birds and bees and I am grateful we have well water and can do so.

Hoping that this finds everyone doing well and staying as safe and sane as is humanly possible. We seem to be doing okay in that department. There are so many things we want to do and are trying to do that we always have something to keep us busy. Now if the lumber prices would just drop down to manageable levels that would be awesome and amazing. I mean $80 for a sheet of plywood. Really? That just makes me want to cry or scream and believe me it just depends on the day of the week on which one I am going to do! It seems that every project we look at needs lumber or concrete. Oh well time to get creative!

Today I went to the shed and looked through my containers. I was looking for 4th of July decorations. Well much to my surprise I didn’t find any. I gather I got rid of everything but the holiday blocks that I keep in the house and they do have the 4th of July on them as well as other holidays. So now I am going to be replenishing some of my holiday decorations. I try to decorate for Flag Day and that is why I was looking for them. Jokes on me! I really downsized when we went full-time. 🙂

Well I guess I need to get off here and go reorganize a couple of shelves in my freezer. Because we pick up the grocery order I placed today tomorrow. I really would love a cup of coffee but I need to get this done first. See I bribe myself to get me up and moving. 🙂

Stay Safe and Sane. God Bless.


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