Mundane Chores

Good Morning!

If you are like me you have a bunch of what I like to call Mundane Chores. Chores that are small and can be diverted to another day and sometimes I move them so many times I forget all about them. That’s when they crop up again. I have been trying to get off that merry-go-round for quite awhile now by slowly and I mean very slowly getting some of these done. One of my least favorite for some reason is cleaning out my purse or even changing my purse. Why? I don’t really know but for the past year I just put it off till it is hard to find anything in my purse and then I take a few minutes to clean and organize it and I am smiling again. That’s just one of the 5 to 10 minute chores that I need to do. Another is just putting a picture in a frame. I have the frames and the pictures but I haven’t done it because I can’t make up my mind on just which picture I want to use. I would love to blame this on my Age but that doesn’t sit well with me so I just keep convincing myself that these Mundane Chores are fun and try my best to get as many done as I can.

Today was Miss Lily’s Spa Day and she does look adorable. She again refused to walk to the truck and Norm had to carry her. When she sees that the Kodiak isn’t hooked up to the truck she knows it’s either the groomers or the vets that she’s going to and she refuses to get in the truck. Now if the Kodiak is hooked up to the truck she can’t wait to get into it. She’s a smart pup for sure. The fact that it is a 3 day holiday weekend meant the traffic was bumper to bumper where we took her today. She is due to go back the week of July 4th but I moved it to the following week because I figured the traffic would be even worse then. Pampered Paws does an amazing job with her and we are glad we found them in High Springs, Florida.

I plan to work on the garden and clean the Gazebo today. Hopefully we will be getting some rain soon but if not I will be working on my tan for sure.

Hope everyone has a Wonderful and Safe weekend filled with Hope and Love.

God Bless.


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