Breakfast By The Fire!

Good morning!

On Sunday we had breakfast by the fire. We had some brush to burn so we decided to have breakfast while we sat there and watched it burn. To say it was a bit warm is an understatement. However we sure did enjoy the breakfast and the morning. It was a beautiful day and the company was enjoyable. No Lily was not with us. We decided she would be better off in the house.

Work continues on the barn as we are hoping to bring in miniature goats next Spring. We do have some fencing to do yet but that will wait till Fall as will the reconstructing of my garden area. We will be adding more square foot boxes and fencing the garden to prevent the deer from enjoying my corn next year. The Lord has been good to us and the garden is doing wonderful despite the grasshoppers and bugs. I am looking forward to bringing in a small greenhouse later this year if all goes as planned. We will see. At the present time I am painting the sheds white with barn red trim. So hopefully I will get that done this week or early next week. Today is a Quest visit for blood work for Norm and me. Next week is a visit to the Oral surgeon for a root canal. As you can imagine I am not looking forward to that. That’s life as they say.

I did set out two red roses Norm got me for Mother’s Day. Happy smiling me.

Oh I am studying up on raising chickens as sometime next year we will be bringing some in. I know not my favorite barnyard animal but I can do this and it would be nice to have the eggs at least.

Okay I’ve rambled enough for now. Hope all of you have an amazing day. God Bless.


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