A Little Old Fashioned!

Good Morning!

It’s a wonderful rainy morning here on the LHR. Outside everything is that wonderful Spring Green! I am sure my Garden is happy as a lark. I know I am.

I guess I am somewhat Old Fashioned. I believe in not only saying Thank you but in sending cards if you receive a gift. I believe in saying excuse me, pardon me and saying all those phrases that maybe considered politically incorrect. You know the ones Merry Christmas etc. I still enjoy writing cards and letters. I enjoy receiving them too. Often times that just brightens my day. In today’s world I often times feel as if I don’t belong. I enjoy long conversations on the phone and I am not talking about the texting kind. I am not electronically inclined and have no wish to be. Today I have already made a mess of this Blog Post and Norm had to fix it for me. Computers despise me and I am not to fond of them either! They have there uses just as my mobile phone does. They are good to collect information and my phone is good to stay in contact with family and friends. However I am always afraid I will hit the wrong button and there goes all my information. That is a scary thought so I keep a hand written phone book and journal. My pen and paper have never failed me or shut down or erased itself. They are very dependable and they never have internet issues! So I will continue to be a little old fashion and do things in the old way and also the new way even if it petrifies me at times. At least I don’t stand when my elders enter a room as I was taught when I was growing up. Now I am one of the elders and that takes some getting use to. Sorry for the rant!

This week seems to have flown by as Norm worked on the barn and I worked in the house and garden. I did upset my birds and squirrels as I took down and stored my bird feeders. The only one up still is for Hummingbirds. That is just in case one drops by and needs a drink. My bee water bath works and they are using it. I wasn’t sure they would but I knew that the bees and butterflies needed a place to get a drink of water. I do believe that the ants are using it too. I did get both of the tractor covers done and they work well. I made an apron to wear when I garden and I really like having it. There are so many projects that I want to do that I could be busy 24 hours a day if I didn’t have to sleep. Oh well they are still there when I awake and by then I have several more to add to the list.

I sincerely hope that all of you are planning things you would enjoy. They don’t have to be big things. Small things sometimes are more precious than the larger ones. Things like watching a sunrise or a sunset. Going outside to catch a glimpse of the moon and stars. Watching the birds and squirrels as they flit around. Checking out the flowers to see if any have new blooms on them. Taking a stroll and just enjoying being outside in the sunshine. Watching a good movie or reading a good book. So many small things that make a day worthwhile. Don’t forget to greet people as you pass them by. You might be the one thing that makes their day special. Okay enough I am sure you are tired of me being on my Soap Box!:)

I sincerely Hope that all of you have a Day of Gladness filled with Peace and Love.

God Bless.


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