A Beautiful Sunday

Good Morning from Bell, Florida.

Today is so beautiful and warm that the gnats and flies just had to come and visit. These are the guests you can’t wait for them to leave!

On a brighter note we do have a screen on our gazebo and can sit out there to enjoy the weather. We try to take Sunday off and just do fun things like craft, take a walk, read a good book and Norm does enjoy playing one of his video games. Of course there is the do nothing at all option too.

Yesterday I set out plants in my garden and also planted 2 rows of corn with a row of Kentucky Wonder pole beans between them. I remember Mom and Grandma planting these beans with the corn. No poles needed! I also read about planting Sunflowers with the pole beans as it serves the same purpose as the corn. I read this is a book my Grandmother and my Great Aunt (her sister) helped write in 1953. I am so Blessed to have this book and I am enjoying reading it. I remember going to Quilting Bees with them and I had a job to retrieve the lost needles from under the quilt frame. Such wonderful memories that make me smile! So I do plan to finish my garden on Monday and Tuesday as we may have rain later in the week. I also have some other yard work I want to get done. Fun Times!

I have made 2 cat toys. One is a cup of hot chocolate with whip cream on top and the other is a strawberry. Now the strawberry was by accident as I was trying to crochet an Easter egg. Well I have started my 2nd attempt at making an Easter egg. Wish me luck I will definitely need it! My oldest Granddaughter ask me to make these for her cats and I promised to have them done by Easter.

Well the attempt to get my bone density test done again has taught me a valuable lesson. Always keep tract of how often a test can be done and remind your Doctor of that fact if they are setting you up for a test you can’t have till the Fall and it is just now Spring. After a lot of thought and discussion Norm and I have decided to look for a Doctor in Gainesville as we realize that is where the hospitals are and if we have an emergency that is where we will be going. Our Doctor right now is 3 hours away. That makes for a 6 hour round trip and a very long day. So tomorrow I will be calling our insurance for some recommendations.

Lily is doing fine. She is still the Boss around here and she will tell you so if she thinks you’ve forgotten.

I bought this plaque at the Cracker Barrel this past Friday after we got our blood work done and we stopped there for breakfast. It fits our home perfectly. Everyone is Welcome here to sit at our table no matter who you are. All are Welcome as Everyone is special in their own unique way.

Time to get off here as I need coffee as usual.

Hope everyone of you has a Splendid Day filled with Love, Hope, Peace and Prosperity!

God Bless.


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