What A Difference A Day Makes!

Good Afternoon!

The weather has decided to change from nice Spring weather to the Winter cold. That’s okay only I had just set out some plants and plan to set out some more on Wednesday. These new plants may not appreciate the cold or being covered at night. We will see and I had planned to start raking the leaves out of my flower gardens. Guess I will be doing that at a later date.

Next Tuesday the 9th I have a visit to the oral surgeon for a tooth removal and on the 16th Lily will be at the Vets getting a growth removed. So there will be some down time for me and the Lily.

We have finally decided on the design for the inside of the barn. Yeah us! Soon we will be pulling our flat bed trailer to Home Depot for the lumber to begin. Once the outside is enclosed then it’s onto to the inside. We have decided on 3 large stalls instead of two. We have also decided against having horses and instead we will have two kinds of miniature goats, miniature donkeys and miniature sheep. More about these animals and why we chose them in future posts.

Norm has been busy preparing our pasture for the seed we hope to pick up tomorrow at the Tractor Supply in Gainesville. I plan to get a few more plants and some seed. I did an inventory of my seed and then for some reason a whole bag of it disappeared. I figure I may have tossed this bag in the trash or as Norm said I packed it in with the Christmas stuff. I don’t know where it is only where it isn’t. So I will replace these seeds and move on. Going to start some seeds this week. I am excited about that. I have several types of tomatoes I want to try and grow this year. Wish me luck.

We also cut limbs and cleared away the branches where we are planning our extra camp sites. The Kodiak has one and there will be two other Dry Camp sites and one tent site.

I did buy an air fryer and it takes some getting use to. It also can’t do everything I would like but that’s okay. It cooks snacks and fries really well. 🙂 It’s also very user friendly!!!!

There are still a lot of projects on our To Do List but we know not all of them can be done right now. We are doing the ones that take the most work and the longest time to get done. The main two projects for the first six months of this year are the barn and the fences. So we see a lot of work and long days in our future but that’s just fine with us. We are looking forward to it. Each project just gets us closer to our goals for the LHR.

We are both so very grateful for all that we have. The Lord has been very good to us.

Hope everyone is doing well and staying safe.

God Bless.


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