Good Afternoon!

It’s 2021 and a New Year.

Well today is the first day of my 65th year of life here on this earth and in the USA. Yes I was born here and unlike others I have never traveled out of the country. Now don’t get me wrong I would love to go to Hawaii and Alaska and visit Canada on the way. That is just in the future for sure.

There are things here at home we must accomplish first before we can be free to roam around at will. Now when we roam we need to take precautions and take every care to not get or pass along this virus that threatens our nation and the world. We are not alone in this and we need to remember that when we get a little lax in taking precautions of wearing a mask, sanitizing and social distancing. This virus can’t be controlled till we all work together to bring this about. Thinking about all the lives this virus has destroyed and all the deaths it has caused saddens me and makes me more determined to do my part to get it under control. Norm and I are waiting to get the vaccine. I do wish they had a better way for everyone to receive this. I am hoping and praying that they get it all figured out soon.

January 6th was one of the saddest days I’ve had in a long time. It’s also one of the days I have been the angriest against my fellow man since 9/11. I have been upset and angry over other issues that have faced our people but to see this happen in our Capital I found appalling! People died that day and they didn’t have to. God forgive us for allowing and accepting these acts as if they are no big deal and all the people involved should be allowed to just go on as if nothing ever happened. That will not heal our land. These deeds will continue to haunt us and fester like an open wound until another one of these days happens again. God help us then.

Norm and I have talked a lot about what we want here on the LHR and that continues to change. Some decisions we made last year have caused us to change the animals we will have here on the LHR. When we make our final decisions we will be blogging about them. For now we are working toward getting the fence in, the barn built, the pasture seeded, the seeds and plants in to set out and put in the garden. Yes there is a lot going on and it may seem like we don’t have a plan. Never fear we do have one. I am still ordering seeds and looking for trees and berry bushes, as some Florida will not let me bring in. So there is that to contend with. Norm poured the floor for our gazebo yesterday. I also want a patio by the front stairs coming into our home. I may not get it the way I want it because of the septic system. Hey I can work with that. 🙂 Then there are the bird houses and bat houses I want down in the woods. Lots to look forward to.

Yesterday I found my tulips I planted last fall our starting to come up. I am very blessed to have them and some of my Mom’s flowers here too. I can’t wait to see them bloom.

Hope all of you have a Blessed Sunday filled with Hope.


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