Getting Ready!

Today I started rearranging and going through things to get ready for the holidays. I am trying to get everything cleaned and packed away (Autumn and Thanksgiving) so I am ready to decorate for Christmas starting Friday. We are planning to decorate the outside and the inside of the LHR. We are also wanting to do some filming and picture taking so Friday will be a very busy day for both of us.

Now Thanksgiving we are going to our youngest daughter’s for dinner and all I have to bring is pecan pie and red cabbage. Easy on me.

Today I got real excited as I was able to get the ironing board to close! There is no handle on it and the piece that makes it open or close looks like a piece of the bar that is going across the under part of the board. I was messing around and I pushed on this piece and it started to close. Yeah me! I have only been trying to find out how to do this since July. They left the ironing board here and it’s a real good one and so I got a new cover for it but couldn’t get it to close!!!! Now it’s in the closet and there is a lot more room in our office.

I needed a Big Foot Pattern to use for the tank I am planning on painting a Big Foot scene on. I used our ranch gate’s Big Foot sign as my pattern. I did a rubbing of it and then worked with it to get it the way I want it. It’s scary but exciting to try and do this. We will see how it turns out.

I did pick out a new spot for my square foot garden. It’s next to Tank’s burrow. My old garden site will one day be where our goats will be kept. I am still not sure about Fowl. I am thinking the horses and goats added to the garden and other projects here on the LHR maybe enough for us to take care of. We will see.

Redoing the storage here in our home has become a major endeavor for me. I am moving things all the time to see if I can store more stuff in my limited cabinets and closets. It’s a challenge for sure. My ranch shoes were one of my first bedroom restore projects. I am happy with where they are stored now. I can find them at will. Before they were in the back of the closet and hard to get to. I did find 4 pair of high wedges. Hey I like them so they are here to stay. 🙂 I mostly wear flats, sandals or boots now. It’s a new way of life here on the LHR and we are still adjusting.

We are Blessed to live here. It is so peaceful and quiet. This morning I watched a couple of deer in the neighbors field and the squirrels playing in our front yard. It doesn’t get much better than that.

Time to get moving I have a few more things to do before I call it a day. Hope everyone has a peaceful and pleasant night.

God Bless.


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