My Style Has Changed!

Yes, I can say my style has changed from what it was last year. When we were RVing full time I made sure to have my make-up on and wearing my jewelry was a lot of fun.

Now however I find that I go days or even weeks with out make-up and the only jewelry I wear is my wedding rings. Make-up isn’t something I wear when working on the LHR and I don’t wear earrings and other jewelry for fear I will catch them on something and either hurt myself or loose them. I have lost a couple of contacts and I now wear my glasses instead. I wear my contacts when I am working inside or we are going somewhere. So I do have good reasons for these changes and the other day we were heading to Walmart and all I did was put on some lip color and some earrings and I was ready to go! Easy Pizzy!

I have noticed as I go along this year that I am wearing my make-up similar to when I was in college and I am looking fondly on the vintage fashions, especially the simple styles. My new life-style calls for blue jeans, shirts and cowboy boots of which I wear almost every day. So there have been some major changes in my over all style I guess you could say.

Now don’t get me wrong I do enjoy dressing nicely and wearing my make-up and jewelry. It’s just not a major part of my everyday life now. I can say that on most days I am Happy with the changes that are occurring in my life. Yes, it’s simpler and that’s okay by me.

We all need to slow down and smell the roses. That is something I learned this year. The things I looked forward to were so simple like smelling the Lilacs in the Spring or finding a Four Leaf Clover. I did find quite a few of them and saved them. 🙂 Here I look forward to seeing the deer out our front window in the morning. They seem to like the neighbors place a lot. I guess that is because their gate is open and ours isn’t. It is so peaceful here at night too. Now our one neighbor has a duck and a rooster that love to let you know they are up and enjoying the day. They also seem to have a lot to say and they say it for all the world to hear! 🙂

Life on the LHR is interesting, busy and peaceful. Thank you Lord for guiding us here. We are very grateful.

Hope all of you find a few minutes to sit and relax. May all of you find calm and peace in these stressful times.

God Bless.


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  1. I felt so much at ease reading this. I could connect.

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