Every Day Challenges!

Good Morning!

Every day there are new challenges to face and lately there seems to be even more of them. Some challenges are just a quick fix and I am back on track like finding a gnat repellant that I can make using essential oils that works. However others seem to take so much time and thought that just figuring them out seems to take forever. That seems to be how most of my October has been. With our Lab apt. having to be reset because we forgot to take our papers with us to this Monday when I went for my yearly mammogram to find out the paperwork from the Doctor had the wrong year on it. When I looked at the lab papers they had the wrong date on them too. So I guess it was a good thing we forgot them. We are rescheduled for November for our labs and the Doctor’s office is mailing us new paperwork with hopefully the right year on them. I will be double and triple checking that paperwork and any future paperwork for sure. My yearly mammogram I am waiting to schedule till the paperwork is in my hand! I want to be sure of those dates before I set up a new appointment for my mammogram.

One of the good things that happened Monday was we were able to have lunch at one of our favorite restaurants in Deland, Florida. I also met another lady named Phyllis and Norm and I had some wonderful conversations on our 5 hour round trip to and from LHR to Deland.

Today I am doing my best to be productive but I am failing miserably at it. I find all these other things to do besides cleaning! I am redoing the wall plaque that we did a few years ago so that it will go well with my deer picture that is already on the wall. We did two of these with 2 sets of animals and in different colors, of course one fits the decor and this one doesn’t. However it will when I am done with it. 🙂

So for the rest of the day I hope to get a bit of cleaning done especially the two bathrooms. They need it but there is just so many other things I would rather be doing and knowing me crafting will win out hands down.

I hope everyone of you has a wonderful week filled with Love, Happiness and Peace.

God Bless.


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