What Have We Accomplished Since We Arrived In July?

Good Afternoon!

We arrived on the LHR July 13,2020. We have been busy since we got here. There was so much to do just to get us moved from the Kodiak to the house and then we went and emptied our storage locker. Then we had to get provisions and other supplies to start on the house as we had decided to take up the carpet and put in a waterproof rigid core flooring in all the rooms but one. Now we still have two bathrooms and the utility area to finish the floor. Norm painted all the rooms but one and our son did that one.

So we are moved in and it seemed to take forever to get our furniture but we do have all of that now. Yeah us!

So now we are working on the outside. Norm redid the tank and pump houses. They look great. He’s also built me a couple of square foots but I have decided I want them in four foot lengths as it makes working in them easier for me. Together we are clearing out a lot of trees and brush to make a pasture and we have a wood lot and Norm did build a covered area for the already dry wood. We did stop long enough to put in our entry fence posts and Norm will be painting the wood rails for part of that fence in a couple of weeks. We did change our design to make it more us and to keep the rustic look we adore. This week we are back out in the field hauling brush and wood plus cutting down more trees. Of course we have to do a grocery run and so on but with on-line shopping that makes life easier. Yesterday we did our Christmas shopping for the Grand Boys and we are glad to get that done. Today we did go out and move some plants up from the field to the area in front of the house. Also we rode around looking at just where we wanted to put the pasture fence and then onto the small shed that we are using for storage so we could look at how to get more storage out of it. Now we are taking the rest of the day OFF!

We do have a lot of future plans and sometimes it seems a never ending list. Oh we do have our firepit in but still want to put in a concrete area around it for chairs so we aren’t sitting in the sand. This coming Sunday we are planning on putting in the boys play area. I have some ideas for it and we will see how that looks. Hope to get the Big Foot He-Cave drawn out sometime in the next couple of weeks.

We are excited as we accomplish things for that means we are one step closer to having horses here on LHR and that’s the major goal. We are grateful that we have this place and that the Lord has Blessed us and made another of our dreams come true.

Hope everyone is staying safe, practicing social distancing and wearing your mask. Together we can weather this storm and whatever else the world and the universe has to throw at us. Together we can survive and come out the other side smelling like a rose.

May all of you have an amazing week and God Bless.


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