I am not a patient person and yes I know it’s one of the virtues. It’s something I have to work on. So today I am waiting on a phone call to go over my healthcare plan for Medicare and that being said it’s very Stressful waiting for that call to come in. You wonder if they will call, did they put you on the calendar, are they even working today and so on. Then the dreaded if I don’t hear from them that means I have to call that eight hundred number again and go through all of this with another person who maybe isn’t as knowledgeable as the person you are waiting on to call you. That is how my day is going so far.

Good Morning! I hope all of you are doing well.

We have rain today so the fencing is on hold! That’s okay only now I will be cleaning my 2 bathrooms. I think I would rather be digging post holes! 🙂

I am very glad Norm and I invested in “Cowboy” boots. They are amazing when you are out working in the pastures cutting trees and doing other work. Hey NO ANTS can just bite me at random! That’s a win for me. Though a few have bit me on the arm it beats having my ankles and feet being bitten every time I go out in my sandals or tennis shoes. They hate me and we have ant hills Every Where!

Okay enough about the ants. Yesterday I found somethings I thought I had lost or gotten rid of. It was like Christmas Morning when I found these decorations I had bought to paint for the holidays and misplaced. Now that made me smile. I had forgotten all about them till Norm showed me the ones he’s painting and I remembered I should have some too only I couldn’t for the life of me remember where they were. Well now they are found and I can finish most of them and start the others.

We did get down to the Kodiak and when I mean us I mean Lily went down to supervise and make sure her Kodiak was still good and smelled the same. I did get the stuff put away and the bed made which Norm helped me do. So we finished that and brought the slides back in and she’s sitting pretty. There are things I want to redo in her but that will have to wait till after Christmas. We do have our first camping trip planned for 2021. It’s in January and we will be camping to celebrate Norm’s birthday. We don’t plan to camp in the Spring and Summer this next year as we do have a lot we want to get done here. So we will camp in the Fall and Winter months.

Well I need to get off of here and I guess call that eight hundred number and maybe ask for the young woman I had spoken to before. Maybe I will get lucky and she will be there.

Stay Safe and Sane.


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