Holidays Are A Coming And We Can Hardly Wait!!!

Good Morning!

Holidays are on their way and we are looking forward to them but first……..

Yes, I can say that this past week has had me feeling my age! Things that were easy when I was in my 20’s,30’s,40’s and even in my early 50’s are now causing me discomfort. I mean I’ve had sore muscles before but they went away quickly but now they seem to want to linger. They remind me of that line in a song that says Captain Morgan likes to anchor down and hangover till morning. I believe my aches like to hangover for several days instead of just a few hours. They do lighten up but at the most inopportune times they like to remind me they are still with me.:(

Enough of that!

Okay we did get several trees cut and we now have many brush piles and wood piles to haul up to the wood lot. Then we will start having bond fires again. I see many hot dog roasts in our future! Just cutting these few trees and trimming up the others has made a large improvement on the LHR. The only downside we see is we can now see the neighbors house more clearly. That should make Miss Lily Happy! We do have a lot more cutting and hauling in our future to get the LHR looking the way we want it too.

Thanks to the weather we are holding off on putting in the grand boys playground. So it’s on hold but that’s okay it will be done before Christmas Time. While at Publix waiting on our chicken order I made out my Christmas Menu and yes it does include Brie and Red Cabbage so girls I got you covered on that. Also making home-made mac and cheese as well as potato salad. We plan to discuss all this on Halloween with the kids so after that I can let you know what our Theme will be for this year. Yes we are planning a Themed Christmas this year. We are hoping to do our Christmas the week-end before Christmas as it saves the kids a lot of stress trying to be in so many places at one time. Of course they are always WELCOME to come and see us on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day if they so desire.:)

Getting use to this Satellite internet isn’t easy. Oh well I guess it will just take some time and I have plenty of that. Drinking coffee in our winter scene mugs makes the day start better. Today is a rainy one so some crafting and maybe trying out my sewing machine is on the agenda for the day. I will be glad when my 5 year calendar gets here tomorrow. We are already planning our Camping Adventures for next year. That’s the fun of having our Kodiak, our F350 and The Last Hoorah Ranch we have the best of both worlds. We can roam wherever we want but we always have a place to come Home to. With our Son here there is always someone to watch over the place while we are gone. That may not be exciting for him when we start adding animals in the future. We are hoping to be able to do that in 2022 or 2023 but we will see. A lot has to do with getting the place ready for new residents. Oh the other tortoise hole had some new prints around it but not sure they were tortoise prints. So we will check that out when we go down to move the brush and wood later this week. Tank is still at his hole over by the garden. I saw him/her last Monday.

There is always something to see or do here on LHR and a lot to be grateful for. The peace and quiet, the deer visiting our front yard, seeing a hawk, hearing the birds sing and watching the way the light changes through the trees as the world awakens and then settles down for another night. Blessings for sure and I am grateful for each of them. Life is fleeting so we need to enjoy the small things as well as the large things. Sometimes the small things are the most important things of all.

Hope everyone has a Wonderful week filled with many Blessing and full of Love and Light.

God Bless.


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