FALL Has Arrived!

Good Morning!

I finally have the ump to come in here and write. I was going to use a video form but decided maybe next time I will do that.

Sunday we had a great day burning our brush pile. Norm had to make a smaller area to burn the brush(because of the wind) and we sat there and enjoyed being outside. It was nice and cool. Lovely. We did do a hot dog roast on the fire. A very good day for sure.

Monday we were outside again. Norm was painting the back porch and I was riding around and looking at the ranch and deciding where I am going to put in the berry bushes and berry patches and the fruit trees and nut trees. We also want to have grapevines(we want to make some wine) and where we will put my greenhouse. I did enlarge the woodlot as we have a lot of trees we will be starting to cut down this Wednesday. My drawn plan looks different as I had to move a few things to make sure the animals and fowls were getting sun and shade. The garden stays where it’s at and I will just be redoing the design of it and that is something I hope to get done on Thursday. I found out with a little research, that I wish I had done before, that our first frost is around November 15th and our last frost is around April 15th. So there are some very cold days ahead around 24 of these in our future. So now my garden plans are evolving again and that’s okay. I don’t mind to much. Just lots to plan. I was blessed as I got to see Tank the Tortoise and our hawk as well as a lot of beautiful butterflies. It was so peaceful sitting on my tractor down in the woods. It made me feel happy and at peace. Glad we live here.

Today we were blessed this morning to see a deer feeding just outside our fence and to be able to watch the squirrels running around. Who knows what else we will see today. Norm has fixed the part on the slide that had come loose in the Kodiak. I don’t know what it is called and he’s outside finishing the painting of the back porch so I am not going to go ask him. I will work in the Kodiak at a later date. I had a letter to write and some other inside stuff to do before I begin my day of hauling branches to the brush pile and ashes to the compost bin. Another busy day here on the ranch. Love this weather!

Hope everyone has a good week filled with all the things that make a life worthwhile.

Stay Safe and Sane!


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