Making Changes Again!

This past week has been a frustrating one as I’ve discovered that I must move my garden do to the fact it just doesn’t get enough SUN! Now when I picked the garden site it was June and when I put in my first two Square Foots it was July and I never even thought about the sun because it was getting plenty of sunlight each day. Fast forward to September and now my garden is in shade most of the day. I have lost some of my plants and some didn’t even bother to come up and the bugs haven’t helped that situation any either especially the grasshoppers! The brats! So I started looking for another area to move my garden to. Well right behind the house is where I had planned my Rose garden and now it may become my regular garden but again it gets some shade so I will have to do a study of it tomorrow to see if that area will do. Of course right outside the back(side) door is an area that is in sun all day every day but that is where the fire pit, outside cooking area and all the patio stuff is going so my garden can’t go there. So the search is on for the perfect garden site. Where my garden is now will become the chicken, turkey, and guineas runs. It is a big enough area to make three coops with runs attached for them. So I need to redraw my Ranch plan again! 🙂

Norm did get a lot accomplished this past week and I am proud of him. From working on the driveway to rebuilding the pump house he has been busy.

On Friday we ran errands and picked up a small generator because the one here wouldn’t run and it was cheaper to buy a new one at Harbor Freight. Then Home Depot to get block and a fire pit and Walmart for lamps and a sewing machine. Now I am disappointed with this Super Center as it doesn’t carry bobbins for the sewing machines it carries. So I will have to go on-line and get them or go to Hobby Lobby and see if they have them. I load several bobbins when I sew so I don’t have to undo my machine to fill a bobbin and then re-thread the machine again. Saves time and my sanity. I was able to get my casserole dishes and that made me smile. 🙂

So today after the grocery run and restocking the pantry, freezers and fridge I sat down and read a book. I haven’t read one with 47 chapters in a long time but it was a good murder mystery and kept me guessing on who did it! Teresa Watson’s Who Killed the Ghost in the Library? Good Book!

Well I need to get off of here I hope everyone has a marvelous week filled with Hope, Joy, Love and Peace.


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