Hot and Humid

Hot and Humid

Yep I got out of the shower and immediately I was sweating! What the hey we live in North Florida and it’s September where is our cooler weather. Okay guess I should stop moaning as I might get colder weather in Jan and Feb than I would want. Sigh!!!

Hope everyone is having a good Sunday. So far so good for us.

I decided to practice with one of my curling irons and I learned I really, really need to practice for sure! Guess that will be a weekly learning session for me. I also decided that I would wear a little make-up today so on went my clear mascara and some lip-suede lip color and I actually feel more like the old me. Well I do need to get myself organized Again and get back on track with my self improvement plans. Since we got here the taking care of ME has been put on hold and now I know that I should have been as important as unpacking and getting the garden and so on done. Live and learn and usually I do that the Hard way.

Today I was watching one of the U-Tube channels that I follow and she said something that made me stop and think hey she maybe onto something. She said she discovered that she has no set style anymore that she wears whatever she likes and she’s okay with that. Now I know she wears a lot of clothes from many different vintage eras. I have been trying to decide what style of clothing I prefer and a lot of the modern styles I don’t feel comfortable in. I really prefer some of the vintage styles more. So maybe I will just see what is out there I like and go from there. I have decided to go ahead and get a new sewing machine as I gave mine away when we went on the road and I would like to make a few of my clothes. More to follow on that endeavor.

Well I need another cup of coffee and my crafts (painting an old scale that was Norm’s parents) are calling me!

Take every care and stay safe and sane. Hope everyone has an amazing week full of Peace and Prosperity!


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  1. You always look good. I think we do need to think about ourselves too. I love reading your blogs and the updates on the house and ranch. Hope your week will be full of new adventures on the ranch. I have a very busy week ahead of me. I have two days of PT and Bill dentists appointment. Will let you and Norm how his appointment goes.


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