Where Did The Week Go?


Good Afternoon!

Yes it is Monday the last day of August and I clearly forgot to Blog yesterday. The day just slipped right by me. We did a grocery pick-up and a few other things here at home and before I knew it the day was over. Life happens or so they say.

Last week was one of those weeks. It was filled with odds and ends though Norm did accomplish a lot I feel like I just couldn’t get motivated to do much of anything. Do you ever have one of those weeks? I did do a few crafts and our bed frame and a couple of tables were delivered so that was good but we are still waiting on our mattress for our bed. It’s a good thing that the mattress from the Kodiak fits it almost. Our Kodiak has a short queen and of course our bed frame is a regular queen size bed. As long as it works and we are not sleeping on the floor I am good with that.Oh we do have 3 tables that still have to be delivered. I did manage to order 2 apple trees and some flowers so Happy Me!

So today I had appointments to make and spent over 15 minutes on hold. Oh well they were playing good music so it wasn’t to bad. Then I called the insurance because in October I have to fill out my paperwork for medicare. That was an interesting conversation. Good information too.:) I still have to make our blood work appointments and then I am done with that. I did manage to get the laundry done and that is a big plus!

Tomorrow through Thursday I am going to be working out in the sheds. There are a lot of containers to go through and to move to the smaller shed. Once this larger shed is cleaned out we can begin to design and work on our Big Foot He-Cave/Craft Center. I will be so glad to have that as I am doing my crafts on the island in the kitchen.

Well I changed my mind on where the Christmas Tree is going. I’ve decided to put it next to the bar but that means I have to buy a new Christmas Tree. So I get to go shopping for that. Maybe Hobby Lobby they usually have some pretty trees.

We still haven’t decided on Halloween costumes or decorations. As much as I liked the ones at Lowes I don’t have a covered porch to put them on. So blow-ups and things that can withstand the weather are the way we will have to go.

I am excited about the Fall. We are hoping for cooler weather so we can start on our outside projects. There is a list a mile long of them for sure. The beans, squash, watermelon  and pumpkins are doing great everything else seems to be coming on slower and slower.

Well I have gabbed long enough as I still have dinner to cook. Tacos tonight with corn on the cob and honeydew melon.

Hope all of you are doing well, staying safe and sane.

May you have an awesome week filled with Health and Love.



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  1. Sounds like your making progress…. I can relate…. we just downsized so we can spend more time camping. I now have a craft cottage, next to the house, that I’m decorating etc. would love to see some of your crafts. You could start a craft idea sharing on your blog. That would be fun. Enjoy the ranch🌻


  2. That does sound like fun and maybe when the Big Foot cave is up and running I will be able too. I am glad you have a crafting place. Right now I do miss our shop and my craft room that was in the house. Still trying to get completely moved in and then onto decorating. Wow I forgot just how long this takes. Stay safe. P.


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