A Change Of Plans!


Good Afternoon!

We’ve been here on the ranch over a month now and though we have accomplished a lot  there is still a lot to do. Some of the things we want to accomplish have deadlines like the bedroom floor/trim. We needed that done before our furniture arrives this week. Hope our new bedding makes an appearance at the same time. Hey the one blanket arrived today! When this comes in we will be returning our mattress and the bedding to the Kodiak. Yeah us!!!! That mattress is sure comfy but I don’t enjoy sleeping on the floor. I will be glad to see it back where it belongs.

Today Norm and I spent some time standing on the back porch looking at the area we have planned for the screen room,playground,patio,outdoor kitchen,hot tub(stock tank),pool(stock tank) and the fire pit area. So what did we do? We decided to move the areas around. So then I came in and redrew our Ranch plan. Now it is not to scale but it does give us an idea of where we want everything to be. Norm does the to scale drawings. This is probably my 6th or 7th design since we started talking about a Home Base and then we decided it would be a Hobby Ranch. So I started designing our ranch a few months before Norm found us a property we liked and then I worked from a satellite view of it. Then after we came down and saw the properties and chose this one I used a satellite view again to draw our first designs of the Last Hoorah Ranch. Since then I have revised this drawing many times as we change our minds about just where we want everything to be. I know  this probably isn’t the last one I will do as we will once again decide we want to add or subtract something from our design of the Ranch. That’s the fun of it though we have enough acreage to do this. Though we do try not to fence or pour concrete until we are very sure that this is where it is going to stay. So with our new plan in hand we are ready to put up the screen room and put together the playground and do the fire pit. Then onto the patio and everything else we have on our to do list. We are looking forward to cooler weather though so we can get started on the fences we need to put in. We’ve given ourselves 2 years to get most things done before we have any animals but Our Lily!!!

I hope that everyone is doing well, staying safe and sane while practicing Social Distancing and wearing your Mask. I have thought about putting BLING on a couple of mine.:)

Happy Sunday!





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