Our New Reality!


Good Afternoon!

We did some shopping today and it got us thinking about the up coming Holidays and just how will we be celebrating them.

Halloween is one of our favorite holidays. We love to see all the costumes and decorations. This year we are wondering about how the families,towns and cities will be handling their trick-r-treating and block parties. We use to attend Orange City’s block party and we always had a great time seeing everyone in costume and listening to the music. We usually do a pumpkin carving night with our youngest daughter and her husband and family and do Halloween night with our oldest daughter and her husband and family and they usually did the trick-r-treating while we handed out the candy at their house. We loved seeing all the costumes and talking to all the trick-r-treaters that came to see us. This year we are going to be asking our Girls how they plan on dealing with this. As for us we will decorate for Halloween and as for a costume well we will just have to wait and see. It maybe just a Halloween Tee-shirt and jeans kind of year!

Then the Birthday-Mother’s Day-Father’s Day dinner! That raises a whole different set of questions. Where and When being the biggest ones. We will run this by the family and see what they all suggest.

Thanksgiving is pretty simple and that’s a good thing.

Christmas is usually the week-end before Christmas and we have what we call a Campfire Christmas. This year it will be here at the Last Hoorah Ranch and yes there will be FIRE in the fire pit for roasting those marshmallows. Oh don’t think I haven’t already picked out where the Christmas tree is going. Our dining room window is going to look amazing with our tree shining brightly there. I can’t wait to decorate and bake some Christmas Cookies. Maybe it will be a little cooler then!!!!!

I do admit that today it was hot wearing a mask out shopping but I had rather be safe than sorry. An ounce of prevention is worth it to me if it keeps us well. That is why we take flu shots and use wet ones and hand sanitizer and so on. So please use the masks and wash your hands as you don’t know just what is out there. It could be the Coronavirus, a flu germ or even just the common cold that to those we know and love could put them in the hospital and that isn’t something I am willing to risk. Are You?

Well I have droned on long enough. I hope all of you have an Amazing week.

God Bless All of You.



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