What Should I Do Next????


Have you ever had one of those Days,Weeks,Months or Years where everyday you got up and ask yourself what am I going to do today? Well here lately that has been happening to me. Yes I have my trusty list of To Do Projects but there is always a reason that what I want to do must wait for awhile. One of those reasons is our bedroom furniture doesn’t come in till later this month and we are tired of sleeping on the floor. Lily loves having the mattress on the floor as it’s easy for her to get on and off the bed. We are grateful we could pull the mattress from the Kodiak and that has been a blessing but it’s just hard to get up from it in the morning. Now I know why we gave up Tent Camping all those years ago. The mind is willing but the body says Heck NO!

Today we put in the Flag Pole in my flower garden and Norm is mowing the grass. I did help dig the hole for the flag pole and then I walked down to the garden and it seems to be Happy and doing well even though a few things haven’t come up yet. I will check their germination dates later today and see how long that takes. I maybe just to impatient to wait for them to sprout. We will see.

My other task for today is to go through some more containers and see what goes back to the Kodiak and what stays in the house or goes into storage. It will be interesting just to see what I may find in these containers.

Norm put up the clock we brought from Mom’s today. It’s on the wall outside Jon’s room and is a Coo-Coo Clock and I am waiting for it to start with the COOING! It may not be set up right and he will have to do more research on it to get it to work the way it should0..

Well I need coffee and to decide what we will be having for dinner this evening.

Hope everyone has a wonderful peaceful day.


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