We Are Home!


The trip here was pretty smooth sailing at least through our hotel stays it was after we arrived that I realized I hadn’t packed enough clothes for me to wear and the Kodiak’s bedroom was packed to the brim. Well I did go down to where we parked her and moved enough stuff out into the living area that I could get into my closet and the dresser drawers. So began our 1st week here! 🙂

It has taken me a week and a half to bring all of our STUFF to the house and I still have to put it all away. So there is STUFF everywhere!!!! Jon’s room is the only one settled though I do need to shorten his black out curtains.

Our first week here we were running errands everyday and that means at least a two hour round trip and that is just the drive time. Getting our electric turned on was an experience I don’t want to go through again but the trash pick up was easy but not the dumpster rental. That was a whole new experience. Then getting it delivered was interesting do to Covid but we got it on Wednesday and it’s already full and I plan to call tomorrow to have them pick it up for dumping.

Norm has been busy painting and putting in the new floors but he’s also been working outside. We’ve removed a lot of trash from the sheds and barn and then I drove around the ranch picking up bottles here, old rusted metal there and a tarp that was falling a part. So it’s been a lot of work but things are beginning to take shape. I set out the plants I brought from my Mom’s and also dug up and transplanted all the plants I found in the bed where I want to put my berry bushes or my grape vines to the front flower beds. Mom’s birdbath is in the butterfly garden and soon our flag pole will be joining it. Then we can fly our American Flag. Excited!!!!!

Norm built me two of my Square Foot Garden beds and I plan on planting them this week sometime. Not sure just what I will be putting in them yet. We will see.

We do have animals here and it’s fun to try and see them. Some are just sneaky and it is hard to catch a glimpse of them. Hope to get some pictures of them soon.

It’s time to go change the laundry over from the washer to the dryer so I will get off of here for now. Hope all of you are doing well, staying safe, wearing your mask(I think mine needs some BLING put on it), social distancing and staying sane.

God Bless.



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  1. You have accomplished so much in such a short time! Way to go! Dave and I are so excited for you. Congrats and do have some fun in between work!

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    • Thank you. We are excited to see the ranch come together. It is very gratifying to see our plans coming together. We are trying to get as much done as we can so we can enjoy our company that’s coming to visit and the upcoming holidays. Still trying to decide where to put the Christmas Tree. 😄 Take care. P.


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