Awe the Fabulous List or is that Lists.

Yes I have a lot of Lists going right now. There is the Grocery List, the Packing List, the Food List, the Lily List, the Clothes List, the Plant List, the Turn on the Internet and set up the Trash Pick-Up List and last but not least the Hotel and Travel List. Oh and let’s not forget all the Change of Address List. Now that list is pretty long and may take awhile to do. So I do have one list done but started a new version of it for when we get to Florida and that was the Grocery List. That list is NEVER ending!!!!!

Hope everyone is taking care of themselves. We are wearing our masks and trying the Social Distancing though I did run over Norm’s ankle in the Walmart on our way out. My bad I was putting something away in my purse and pushing the cart at the same time. I looked down and ran right into him. Ouch! He’s okay! I did say Sorry!

Looking forward to all the things we have planned for the Holidays this year even though picking out a Halloween Costume is hard. We are just not impressed with what is out there. Normally we have our costumes picked out and ordered by now. Sigh! I guess we will just have to get creative or hopefully find one on the web soon. Oh Norm did find a Halloween and a Christmas inflatable that he wants for the ranch and that’s a Very Good Thing!

Well I need to get moving. Take care and stay safe and sane this week.



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  1. I like making lists. Once I write things down, then I don’t have to keep reminding myself in my mind. Sometimes, I also make a list to give some structure to the day. Thanks for your post, and enjoy the day!


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