Heading Home!


Yes, soon we will be heading home!

We have planned for the 12th of July to be the start of our Journey Home. On July 11th we will pull our Kodiak out of Mom’s backyard where she has resided for 8 months. We expect this will take us awhile and we are praying for dry ground to do this on. Our Kodiak has been a lifesaver and a refuge for us all these many months and I am so grateful we have her. She is one of the best trailers we have ever owned and she has been our Home for almost 2 years. I will miss living in her full time but it’s time for us to move to our Home Base and that has a mobile home on it. We will still be taking the Kodiak on many Journeys and lots of Adventures. When she’s at home she will provide us with Guest Quarters for our visitors.We are also planning a Big Foot Man Cave and a Big Foot She Cave for guest quarters. These buildings will also be used for crafting and so on if not occupied by friends or family. So a lot of plans are in the works and I will do my best to keep you posted on all our progress.

We do plan on animals in the future and that list seems to be growing daily. Oh well we have the land so why not!

But first we have to get there to begin this new Adventure of Ours and that includes finishing a few things here before we leave.

May your Journeys be safe and your Adventures fun and exciting!


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  1. Congratulations on the beginning of your next adventure! We wish you much happiness! Be safe!


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