Hurry Up and Wait!!!


Good Morning!

I can say that now but last week I would not have been saying that.  You may ask why? Murphy’s Law!

Yep what can slow things down will even when they say everything is moving right along with no worries. Woops, here we go again there seems to be a paper we needed yesterday we forgot to ask for or how about a survey we need but everyone forgot to get it done. Of course it’s NO ONES fault so there must be a Closing Ghost that makes these requests disappear and reappear at the last minute. So do to all this, our closing is now the 29th of June instead of the 22nd of June. Of course to really confuse things, after Norm changes our hotel reservations, we get the call well you could close on the 25th . By that time I have had it with Murphy and said we will stay true to the 29th for closing and Norm let them know that. So we are in another Holding Pattern waiting on the actual paperwork for all the dollar amounts we need to have with us on Closing Day! Hopefully that will come in today or tomorrow by E-Mail. Then we can pack and get ready to pull out Friday for a Road Trip to Florida for the Closing on The Last Hoorah Ranch! Whew, it seems like it has taken forever to get to here. Thanks to all the hard work of our Loan Officers and our Realtor and everyone else who has been involved in all this madness. Thanks to Norm and family and friends who have kept me sane as we navigate the quicksand of buying our Hobby Ranch.

We are really looking forward to spending our 42nd Anniversary on our Ranch. We will be making a lot of plans for our future as Ranch owners and part-time RVers That we  now know Our Future is so Bright we do have to wear Shades! 🙂

Well for now I need to get back to the laundry and all the other stuff I need to get done before we pack our F 350 for our Journey.

Yes we are paying a lot of attention to the Covid 19 virus and we are taking our masks and other things with us. We know we will need these things for our trip and that in Florida you need to wear the masks for sure and we will do so at the rest stops too. Safety First!

Hope all of you are Staying Safe and practicing Social Distancing and Staying Sane too.



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