Good Morning and yes I am so BORED!!!!

Why am I bored well there is really nothing left for us to accomplish. All the rooms are done but for the carpets being cleaned and that is something that has to wait till all the stuff is moved out of the house. So we are in a holding pattern right now. All my crafts and things to do are packed and ready to head to Florida when we go for closing.

To try and keep myself occupied I have read books, watched U-Tube, checked out Facebook and Instagram and hung out on Pinterest  for hours. Oh I have wrote in my Journal and challenged myself to wear make-up and jewelry everyday. Sigh!

So after this next Road Trip to Florida for closing  we will be coming back here for a couple of weeks before we hitch up the Kodiak and head South to our New Adventure of owning a Hobby Ranch. I will just have to get creative on how to stay sane till then.

Okay enough whining. I should be grateful we have gotten so much done in so little time and I am so very glad for that. So forgive me for my rant.

Hope everyone has a wonderful day.


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