The List Is Complete!


Good Afternoon!

Hope all is well with you and that you are staying safe and sane in these trying times our World and Nation are going through. God Bless Each One of You.

I received a call yesterday from the Monument Company and they were ready to set Mom’s Headstone in place. The only catch was directions to the grave site. Now I can drive there but to give someone directions is asking me to get you lost. So I ask them to call the Mortuary for the directions and they agreed. Whew! No one getting lost because of ME!!!

Today we paid a visit to Mom’s grave site and yes we did use a lot of OFF no ticks please. There we found my Mother’s Headstone in place and it is just absolutely stunning. It is everything we wanted and so very beautiful. I smile with tears in my eyes because we have completed every task she had laid before us. I hope and pray she is looking down on us smiling.

Today is also Flag Day and I want to wish a Heavenly Birthday to my lovely Grandmother and my wonderful Mother-n-law. May you have an amazing birthday in Paradise today.

So with warm thoughts and lots of prayers of gratefulness I will close here.

God Bless all of you and yours.


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