Changing Times


Good afternoon! Hope you are having a pleasant Sunday.

This week has had a lot of ups and downs but we have been Blessed that everything has been resolved and that the main obstacle has turned into one of our largest Blessing. What am I talking about well last week and earlier this week getting insurance was a major issue because of us being so isolated and where the Firehouse is. It’s 5.3 miles from us but that .3 miles was a major hurtle for us along with the fact we have 6.23 acres and they told him they only insure 5 acres. Well he did find us another insurance company and we are good to go. Moving forward the appraisal came in low and that took some work too on the realtors part but we offered a new price and it was accepted and we are still moving forward to the closing date. Yeah Us! There for a while it was STRESS CITY for us but now the stress level has gone back down. I prayed a lot and we are so grateful that our prayers were answered. Oh one of the Biggest Stress Points was the Electric Company! We have to have our paperwork notarized and that will have to be done after closing as we will not have the information to fill out this paper till then!!! What a world we live in!

On a brighter note we are moving along cleaning out the house. Soon she will be ready to go on the market. That is a very good thing. I am also Blessed to be bringing my Mother’s dishes with me to Florida and I am very grateful for that. We also had a friend drive down from St. Louis for a visit and that was a most pleasant Thursday. It was really good to see her.

Our old world is changing and a new one is taking it’s place. I guess for those who came before us they probably felt the same way about how their world was changing then as we do about how ours is changing now. I wonder how many more changes our world will see before it is done. I plan to enjoy this new world even it it means wearing a mask, using hand sanitizer and social distancing. I guess it’s all in how you look at it and how you accept the changes in your life. There are always good changes and bad changes in all our lives. Some we can prevent and some are impossible to prevent as Mother Nature has the control. So I guess it’s up to us to decide how we will respond to these changes. Okay Rant is over.

I was very Happy to see NASA launching manned spacecraft again. I pray the men on board have a safe journey.

Stay Safe!














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