It’s The Best Of Both Worlds!


It’s Memorial Day Week-End and I am very grateful to all the men and women who have sacrificed their lives so we can be free to live our lives the way we want them to be.

That isn’t saying  we don’t have to make adjustments from time to time and live a different type of lifestyle than the one we envisioned. However, that’s okay as it teaches us to slow down and smell the roses and reconnect with ourselves and our families, friends and the world around us. We as a people live in the fast lane and we don’t want anyone telling us what we can do or when we can do it. It reminds me of when we were kids and our parents, grandparents, teachers and others told us what we could and could not do. We did a lot of rebelling then and we’re doing a lot of it now. Yes, as a person we can and do usually make sane decisions but there are a lot of people who don’t and it’s these people we have to be concerned about. For the most part I don’t wear a mask but if I am asked to I do with no complaints that anyone can hear. What’s running through my head maybe a different story but I do comply with these demands of mask wearing and it keeps the peace and helps keep the world around me calm and maybe a little safer.

We visited my Mom’s and my sister’s grave sites today and then my dad’s. They are not in the same cemetery. The trees that had uprooted at mom’s and my sister’s grave sites have been cut down and moved. The tree trunk is back in place and for the most part Mom’s vault has been recovered. We do need a little fill in work and it will be as good as new. Her headstone is on order and I need to find out how that is progressing. Then Norm went exploring and found where my grandparents (Dad’s parents) graves are. He had to work his way through the yuccas and a lot of brush to find them. After this we headed to Mountain View to Dad’s grave in the Military part of the cemetery there. It’s a beautiful day to visit them and I am glad we did. 🙂

Soon we will head to Florida to close on the Last Hoorah Ranch and we are very excited to do this. We have so many plans for what we want to do with the land and buildings that it just makes me smile and then I get tired when I think of all the work involved. Hey maybe I will finally get back in shape! At the same time we are starting to plan our camping adventures for next year. These adventures will be in state and that is fine by me as the parks are only beginning to open back up to camping. So reservations may be a tricky thing to get. At least we aren’t trying to book into the Keys!!!! I doubt that is one reservation we will ever get! So yes We’ve Gone Camping will still be hitting the road just not every 2 weeks and that’s probably a good thing. Now we will plan even more carefully our routes and where we will spend our time. We are hoping in 2022 we can head to Oregon and on up to Alaska. Route 66 is still on our agenda only B&B with our F350 no Kodiak for that trip. Of course we do plan a trip to Hawaii and the Kodiak will once again stay home. So at the ranch in 2021 or 2022 we are planning to add a couple of horses and a couple of fainting goats per Miss Lily’s request. Then later we will add some poultry to the mix. But to start it will just be Lily and some square foot gardening. Timing is everything you know and that includes when you plant your Pumpkin Seeds!

I hope everyone is staying sane and safe.

May you have a very Peaceful week filled with Joy and Love.


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